Behind-the-wheel benefits

There are many advantages of working for DHL as a courier or driver. You have a lot of freedom and independence and you’re never far from home, as DHL is everywhere. You spend a lot of time on the road and outside in the fresh air. You also meet a lot of people. And what’s also great is that you can flexibly plan your day.

Delightful drivers

Drivers love trucks and so do we. At DHL you work with modern materials. You can count on personal direction and in-service training every year, so that you’re not just getting ahead on the road. Your work hours are flexible and you can choose to work night shifts. You’ll be contracted by DHL, receive a great salary, and work under a good collective labor agreement.

Committed couriers

Hit the road in the famous yellow DHL van, or in your car if you prefer that. You can take it easy, as your day has been carefully planned. You will mainly drive set routes where you’ll get to know our clients and they get to know you. Always be greeted with a smile! Another bonus is that you have a contract with DHL with a good salary and a fair collective labor agreement.

Check your profile (and we don't mean your tires!)

You have a valid driver’s license, are a great driver, and have great manners in traffic.

Clients look forward to your arrival, as you’re social and service-oriented: you are a delightful driver!

You don’t shy away from rolling up those yellow sleeves and getting some work done.

Because you're proud to work for DHL, you always make sure that you and your van are presentable.

You can handle stress and can creatively resolve unexpected situations on the road.

You work well with the co-workers on your team.

Great combination

Marije shows how she combines her work as an accountant with a job at DHL. Working as courier can be easily combined with other work, as you have a lot of freedom and working times are flexible. You can always work close to home, so you'll be back behind your desk in no time at all.

Does this rev your engine?

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