Ship in fifth gear

Fast shipping, a wide range of options and no complications - these are all advantages of the DHL plug-in for CCV Shop. The extension with the online shipping service My DHL Parcel assures you of a streamlined shipping process and regular updates and add-ons.

Outstanding labels

Outstanding labels
Perfect printing

It seems so simple, but there are years of development behind it. With our unique system, you automatically print the perfect return or other label for every order just when you need it.

My DHL Parcel for CCV Shop

Always in the know
A thight grip

The CCV Shop plug-in comes with handy extras. With reports, track and trace, and smart alerts, you can keep a close eye on the status of each shipment. Or if something unexpected has occurred, this will be displayed directly in our dashboard.

Settings CCV plug-in DHL

Let the customer choose
Good, Better, Best

With extra services such as insured shipments, signing on receipt, or return label in the shipment, you offer customers extra convenience and security. That always goes down well!

Your DHL Parcel account
Welcome to the family

To use our CCV Shop plug-in, you will need a DHL Parcel business account. Registration is very easy (and free). Sign up online, receive your login straight away and automate your shipping process today.

Create a free account

Link your plug-in
Straight down to work via My DHL Parcel

Connect the CCV Shop plug-in with just two clicks to your business DHL account to automate your shipment process and save time with each order.

Step 1

Log in to My DHL Parcel online shipping service.

My DHL Parcel
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Step 2

Link the CCV Shop plug-in to your shop using the Plug-ins tab in the settings menu (coming soon).

Step 3

Set your preferences and shipping options in My DHL Parcel.

My DHL Parcel manual

Be the first to know
The CCV plug-in is almost available

The CCV plug-in will soon be available in the CCV Shop app store. Do you want to be the first to know? Leave your details here and you will receive a message as soon as it is available.

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