Are you ready for Brexit?

From 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom will be a customs territory. Due to this transition, you will not be able to ship to the UK with DHL Parcel from 30 December 2020 to 6 January 2021. In the new year there are new obligations that you as a shipper must meet. On this page we list the most important changes and you can read how to prepare your company for them. See also our Brexit FAQ for frequently asked questions.

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How does Brexit affect your shipping?

For your shipments to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will have to deal with customs formalities after 1 January 2021. This means that you must have the correct identification numbers for your company, and that you ensure that your invoices and shipments meet the customs requirements. In some cases, you will have to file a VAT return in the UK.

Rates and invoices

Because the UK will become a customs-approved treatment or use, we will now charge a customs surcharge. If products were originally made outside the EU, you also pay import duties. If products originate in the EU, you can avoid paying import duties with a so-called origin declaration.

DHL will advance VAT and any import duties on shipments to business recipients. In that case, please note that these costs will be charged to you on a separate invoice, plus an advance payment.

Request an EORI number

To import and export goods outside the EU, you need a Dutch and a UK EORI number. After Brexit, you can use these identification numbers on the customs documents for your shipments to the United Kingdom. You can apply for a UK EORI number via the British customs. If you do not yet have a Dutch EORI number, please check the website of the Tax And Customs Administration. On this website you can also read whether you need certain permits for the UK. You may also have to deal with excise goods and prohibitions or restrictions on products.

Apply for a VAT number in the UK

You will need a UK VAT (VAT) number if you are delivering goods to consumers in the UK. Or if you deliver to companies according to the agreements of Incoterm DPP (Delivered Duty Paid). You can request the number here. On the website of the UK government you can read more about the payment of VAT.

What is an Incoterm?

'Incoterms' are globally accepted standard sets of agreements between sellers and buyers about the delivery of goods. They describe exactly how all the tasks, risks and costs surrounding the delivery are divided between the seller and buyer. Read more about Incoterms on the Evofenedex website.

Do you deliver to consumers in the UK?

Parcels for UK consumers can be sent via our DHL Parcel Connect service. With this service you deliver standard according to the DAP (Delivered At Place) Incoterm rules. Consumers pay the VAT and import duties themselves, if the value of your shipment is more than GBP 135. The consumer pays these costs plus an administrative fee via the UK Customs online platform with PayPal or a credit card. At a lower value, this is not necessary, but then you must submit a VAT return. For this you need a VAT and EORI number for the UK. 

It is currently not possible for UK consumers to return packages to the Netherlands.

Do you deliver to business recipients in the UK? 

Packages or pallets to business recipients in the UK can be sent via our Europlus service. You can choose from different Incoterms. Depending on the chosen Incoterm, you pay VAT and import duties yourself, or your recipient does so. With the DDP Incoterm (Delivered Duty Paid) you pay the VAT and import duties. DHL advances these costs and will charge you later on a separate invoice, plus an advance payment. In this case you will need a UK VAT number. If you sell goods to a company under the DAP or CIF Incoterm, the buyer pays the VAT and import duties plus an administrative fee.

Get your documents in order for the UK

From 1 January 2021, you must provide the required customs data electronically to DHL for each package and also add it to the package itself. With our all-in-one shipping tool My DHL Parcel you can quickly create the right labels and documents. You also automatically share the customs data with us digitally via My DHL Parcel. Do you use a customized solution for creating labels? Then it is important that you make a number of adjustments. Please contact one of our experts. You can also contact them for our special API for sharing customs data.  

Special feature for pallets

Do you ship pallets to the UK? These must comply with new rules from 1 January. All the wooden material then needs a special ISPM15 quality mark. If you have not arranged this, shipments may not be transported and you run the risk of a fine.

Save money and time with bulk transportation

If you're sending dozens of shipments to the UK every day, consider the bulk transportation options. You then complete the customs formalities for multiple shipments at once. You will need a tax entity and a UK VAT number, an EORI number and your own Importer of Record (IOR) for the purposes of taxation.

Want to know more?

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