Delivering Parcels Nationwide with the DHL Delivery Bike

Sustainability is in our DNA. In everything that we do, we consider the potential impact on the environment. This stretches from electric vehicles and sustainable buildings to local employee initiatives, which have a huge impact. We’re putting these initiatives under the spotlight using the moniker “Green Heroes”. The second initiative on the list: the DHL Delivery Bike.

Residents of Zoetermeer will no doubt have seen one pass by – a DHL Delivery Bike. Aron van Leen, manager of the local CityHub, decided to add one to the local electric vehicle fleet, following the example set by sites in Houten and Rotterdam. “The electric bike has now been part of our CityHub for almost two years, and we’re very proud of the fact. Working with the supplier, we’ve introduced several improvements over the past few years, which means that the bike has now become indispensable,” says Aron. 

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DHL Bezorgfiets op een dijk met windmolen

How do local residents react? “They love it! Needless to say, the bike looks very sustainable, plus it takes up less space on the road compared with, for example, a van,” says Aron. Delivering parcels with the DHL Delivery Bike has proved successful, so much so that Aron has added another two bikes to the fleet this month.  

The Netherlands: the Land of Bicycles
We intend to start deliveries by bike in even more locations. You’ll soon see DHL Delivery Bikes on the streets of Aalsmeer, Almelo, Almere, Assen, Groningen, Rotterdam, Sittard, Terneuzen, and Tilburg. This is good news for the environment and delivery drivers as well, who get to exercise while at work and spend their days outside in the fresh air. They don’t even need a driver’s license.

Marleen Nelemans, Sustainability Manager at DHL Parcel says, “The electric bike is another great step towards achieving our sustainability goals. Our CityHubs are so excited, especially the ones in high-traffic locations like busy inner-city areas and zones with lots of one-way streets. Combined with our electric vans and HVO100 diesel, the bike is going to be a game-changer.”