Autumn stress in the country
Forecast for today and the coming three days

Delivery in the BeNeLux and Europe
Changes in our delivery

The combination of huge order volumes and COVID-19 measures may cause delivery delays this autumn. In most countries, our courier signs for delivery in front of the recipient. Always check in advance whether your business recipient abroad is open.

The Netherlands

A limited number of DHL ServicePoints are closed. If a parcel is in a closed location, it will be returned to the sender. If a parcel is on its way to a closed shop, we will try to reroute it to the closest available one. Please check the current opening hours before visiting one of our DHL locations.

Additionally, you can hand in a maximum of 25 parcels per day at a DHL ServicePoint. Only at XL locations you can hand in a limitless amount of shipments. You can find these locations in our ServicePoint locator. Are you shipping to a closed business or store, but is it still accepting shipments? Then this must be stated at the doorbell, otherwise the shipment will be returned.

Green, orange, or red?
We'll keep you updated

Code Green is good: no details to report – delivery is running smoothly, and no extra measures are needed. Code Orange means there’s a chance of delays. This may be due to a disruption in our logistics network or our IT systems, or simply because of schedule overruns. Code Red means actual delays – please inform your recipients of this by e-mail or on your website. Our “Delay Heat Map” shows you exactly where the high-activity spots are or could soon be. If you’d like even more information, please sign up for our “Peak messages” and receive the forecasts directly in your inbox.

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Firm grip on your shipments

Delivery options

Provide delivery options

Offer alternative delivery options in your online store, like parcel collection at a DHL pickup point. It’s a greener delivery option, and keeps us from ringing the doorbell at an empty house. So it’s win-win!

Delivery alerts

Send delivery alerts

We send your recipients an instant message telling them when we will be coming. If that’s not a good time, the recipient can schedule a different appointment. So always share the e-mail addresses of your recipients with us.

Geplande volumes

Coordinate your schedule

Keep us informed of the expected volume and any changes. Specially in rush periods, we cannot take more than we have arranged to take.

Ready to roll

Always ready to roll

Make sure that all your shipments are ready to be loaded as soon as our driver arrives. Helping us make sure we can load everything fast prevents delays.