Reliable delivery
Your parcels and pallets in good hands

Our couriers are easy to recognize in their yellow jackets, yellow vans, and with their yellow ID tags. They are reliable and trustworthy, have extensive experience, and are employed directly by us. With this extensive network of experts, we are committed every day to delivering shipments within the Netherlands to your customers on the next workday. Our Operations Excellence team keeps a sharp eye on our logistics network and are able to proactively take action should anything go wrong.

DHL: who doesn't know us?
Celebrity status

DHL is the trusted shipping partner in the Netherlands for you and your customers. Our bright-yellow vans are a familiar sight in neighborhoods all across the country.

All our couriers have set routes, so both the van and the courier that arrive at your door are always the same. You can recognize us by our yellow jackets and our couriers all have an official DHL ID tag. Personal service you can depend on!

Flawless service
Your shipment is always on track

We deliver 98% of all parcels in the Netherlands the next day. Each parcel is closely monitored throughout the entire delivery process by us, by you, and by your customer. You can pinpoint your parcel on your personal dashboard in My DHL Portal. Here you can immediately see if something has gone awry. Our Operations Excellence team closely monitors how our European network is performing every step of the way and responds immediately if something unusual occurs. Optimal tracking guaranteed.

Follow your parcels
Your shipment is always in sight

As soon as your shipment is on it’s way, your customer will receive a message. It's coming! Good to know, of course, but when exactly, and where is it now? With track and trace, senders and receivers can see where a package is located at any time and whether everything goes according to plan.

Track and trace