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Authorisation form

If you are unable to receive your shipment yourselve, we can offer you three other delivery options. You can let us know your choice by means of an authorization form, which you can request through our customer services. Once you sign the authorization form, it will apply to all your shipments. What are your options?

Key agreement

Our courier is provided with a key that gives access to the address where you want the shipment to be delivered. A signature  upon delivery is not required. 

Closed statement

If your company is structurally closed on certain days, we will deliver the shipment the next working day. 

Designated neighbor

If you are absent or if your company is closed at the time of delivery, you can authorize DHL Parcel to deliver your shipment with one of your neighbours within the same street. You will receive a card in your mailbox indicating the name and address of the neighbour who has signed for receipt. This option is not available for cash on delivery shipments.