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Do you send to a dutiable destination? In that case your shipment will be checked by customs in the destination country. To monitor the import and export of goods, and to determine the VAT and duties, you are required to attach custom papers to your shipment.

Custom papers​

If you send a commercial parcel, you need a commercial invoice. For a non-commercial shipment a pro forma invoice is often sufficient, depending on the destination. To avoid delayed or not imported shipments and to deduct VAT, make sure that the invoice meets the legal requirements.

Provide your invoices with the legal requirements, print the documents and bundle them (invoices, copy label, T-document, certificates, export documents, etc.).

  1. Place the original paperwork in a doculop on the shipment
  2. Make a copy of the documents and send it to

Are your invoices not aligned with the legal requirements?

EORI number

The EORI number is an unique identification number that companies are required to use when exchange data with Customs in all EU Member States. Under this heading you will find information on subjects including how to apply for an EORI number and how to obtain the EORI number of others. Find more information on this website.