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Packing advice

Proper and secure packaging of your shipment is of great importance for handling and transportation. It goes without saying that we treat your shipments with the utmost care. But we kindly ask you to make sure that your shipments are securely packaged and labelled correctly. To ensure that your consignment arrives at its destination quickly and in the best possible condition please refer to the following practical tips. 

Parcel tips

  • Pack the item(s) in a sturdy box with suitable dimensions.
  • The contents of your parcel should be protected against knocks and bumps.
  • The definition of “sturdy packaging” is different for each product.
  • Protect fragile items with sturdy packaging.
  • Make sure that the packaging is in perfect condition: without tears, holes or damp sections.
  • Keep the space between the contents and the container as small as possible and fill any spaces with suitable cushioning material.
  • Cut the sides of the box so that it can be folded closed. Then less cushioning material is needed and the structure of the box will be firmer.
  • Match the content properly with the type and size of the container. A box with insufficient content will collapse and an overstuffed one will burst.
  • For valuable items use extra heavy thick, double layered cardboard.
  • The closure must be secure. Use plenty of enough strong tape.
  • (Consumer) products are often packaged in containers that are not suitable for transport  ( called " shop packaging”). This type of packaging is prone to scratches and is easily damaged - for example, when an address label is affixed, makes the item no longer sellable. This type of damage or scratches is not eligible for compensation.


  • Pallets are ideally suited for sending larger quantities of goods.
  • Make sure the pallet is in good condition.
  • Place heavy boxes on the bottom of the pallet and stack lighter boxes on top.
  • Stack the individual packages tightly on to the pallet so that a stable unit is formed.
  • Please ensure that items do not protrude from the pallet. This will avoid damage to the contents as well as paying a surcharge because the pallet takes up more than the allotted space in the vehicle.
  • Strengthen the corners of the boxes with corner enforcements.
  • Securely place the boxes/containers on to the pallet. Ideally seal the items on the pallet, including the upper side.