Tracking shipments to your door

DHL Parcel allows you to track your shipment with track and trace. Or even easier: with the My DHL app. Just use the tracking number for this. The parcel will appear online as soon as the sender registers the parcel with us. Once we’ve sorted the delivery, you’ll see the expected delivery time immediately. By the way, we deliver most shipments within the Netherlands within one delivery day – from Monday to Saturday. If your parcel was delivered to a neighbor or a DHL ServicePoint, you will find the delivery address online. 

Download My DHL app

Arrange it in the My DHL app

With the My DHL app, you can do much more than track a parcel. You will find all your shipments in one handy overview, you can easily send parcels both domestically and abroad and you will immediately be notified if anything changes. Plus, you easily set your personal delivery preferences in the app. Are you often away from home? Then have your shipments delivered to a DHL ServicePoint by default. Or you can designate a safe place around your home where the delivery driver will leave the parcel for you. This way you can count on getting your shipment as soon as possible. 

Sustainable delivery

By tracking your shipment online, you save time and hassle: you’ll know exactly when the courier will be on your doorstep. If you’re not at home, you can indicate in advance where you want us to deliver your parcel. It’s a great idea because you get your shipment quickly while simultaneously helping the environment. Because if we deliver your parcel in one go, we emit less CO2 than if we have to come back again. The difference may seem small, until you consider that DHL Parcel delivers thousands of parcels per day. Curious what more we do in terms of sustainability? Check our GoGreen strategy.

Missed delivery? No problem!

Sometimes you and the courier just miss each other. No worries, we’ll make sure that you will receive your shipment as soon as possible. 

DHL ServicePoint

By default, you can pick up your parcel the next day at a DHL ServicePoint near you – we’ll leave it there for you for seven days. 

Always up-to-date

You can see where your parcel is via track and trace and in the My DHL app. The delivery driver will also put a letter in your mailbox, and you’ll get automatic notifications about your shipment via email and on your phone.

Changing delivery options

Are you not at home or do you prefer another delivery option? You can change your delivery options right until the courier is at your door. You will see that in track and trace and in the My DHL app. Want to set a different delivery option by default? Using the delivery preferences, you can set a different delivery option for all your parcels with just a few clicks.

Change your delivery

My parcel status

You will find the most current information about your shipment in track and trace. Here’s how it works. We scan your parcel at various points in the delivery process. You will then immediately see the status. As soon as we can tell you when the expected delivery time is, you’ll see that too. Have a question about track and trace or delivery? You may find the answer in the frequently asked questions.

Where do I see the current status of my shipment?

You use your shipment number to check the status of your parcel. This can be done via track and trace and in the My DHL app. You will find all the information about your shipment there. Don't have a shipment number? Then request it from the shipper.

What does the status 'Shipment not yet sorted' mean?

We probably haven't received or processed your shipment yet. Keep an eye on track and trace or the My DHL app. If your parcel is sorted, you will receive an message immediately.

When will DHL deliver my parcel?

If you're sending your parcel to a Dutch address, it'll normally arrive the next day, provided you dropped off the package in time. Due to busy times your shipment may take longer to reach its destination. International transit times depend on the destination country.

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