Brexit FAQ Frequently asked questions about Brexit

The United Kingdom (UK) will be a customs territory from January 1, 2021. This means that a number of things will change if you send goods from the Netherlands to the UK from that date onwards. Which things will change? Below we have listed all the important questions and answers concerning Brexit.


Regarding shipments to the UK, is there a difference between shipments to consumers and shipments to companies?

Why do I need to register for a UK VAT number?

Why do I need to register for a UK EORI number?

In which cases must I apply for a UK VAT number?

Does DHL Parcel need my UK VAT number and UK EORI number if I send my goods to a company in the UK?

Is there a difference in exporting to Norway, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom?

Why must I sign an "authorization for direct representation"?


Are shipments that require customs clearance subject to extra costs?

How are VAT and import duty costs charged if I use DHL Parcel to send goods to the UK?

How do I become eligible for the 'zero-tariff' when shipping to the UK?

If the value of the shipment is £135 or less, is it the case that no VAT and import duties need to be paid?

What is "reverse charge back" and do I always need to report this?

What is a deferment account?

What paperwork will I have returned to me after the clearance of my shipment?

In which ways can the buyer pay for the VAT and import duties?

Operational customs actions

Which data are required for correct customs handling?

What are Incoterms and can all of them be used for shipping to the UK?

What are HS codes?

Do I need to use the EU-HS codes and/or the GB-HS codes?

Which documents must I add to shipments to the UK?

What happens if goods need to be returned because the clearance of the shipment was not successful?

How can I easily get all required information to DHL Parcel?

Do the new customs formalities influence the delivery times of my shipments to the UK?

Can shipments be sent in a consolidated way or as "break bulk"?

Will Brexit have an effect on my shipments to Ireland?

IT solutions

Can I also send my customs invoice and export or transit documents either physically or by e-mail?

Can I link my IT system to DHL Parcel?

What should I do to make sure my customs shipments are properly prepared?