Your feedback

Twice a year you will receive an invitation to indicate what you think of the cooperation with DHL Parcel. Based on your feedback, we adjust the service. That's how we get a little better every day. By filling in the form, you have a direct influence on the improvements we implement.

Why your opinion matters

Because we listen

At DHL Parcel, we always adapt our services. For example, we constantly optimize our digital tools and work even better communication to give you the best experience. But you can't do that without hearing your opinion, and doing something with it. In the end, you will enjoy it again because we can help you even better.

Because we're going to use it

If you share your experiences, we know what we can still work on at DHL Parcel. For example, we have been working the conclusions of the latest customer satisfaction survey. At the moment we are working on, among other things, improvements to the claims component at our customer service and on the pick-ups for business customers. We would like to keep you informed of the steps we are taking with your help.

Because you will see the difference

We've been getting a lot of feedback back lately about everything that's changed. As it turns out, customers notice the difference. Your experiences help us to further improve our services. And have we helped you well lately? Of course, we would also like to hear from you. A nice extra motivation to continue to make a difference in the future.

What customers say

"The digital tools work fine, I can follow my shipments 24/7." "Pleasant and personal communication." "We appreciate the good service and fast deliveries."

What you can see right now

In the past period, we have been able to implement a number of improvements with the help of the customer satisfaction survey: - In the communication around the claim process, you now receive more messages about the explicit steps and the status of your claim issue. This way you as a customer stay even better informed. - You can easily and quickly create tickets via the My DHL Parcel environment, without the intervention of customer service, so that you as a customer are helped faster and more effectively. - To a number of international destinations, we deliver directly to the country of destination. In this way, the quality of the deliveries is increased.

Green edge

You contribute to our GoGreen mission. In our last customer satisfaction survey, we planted one tree per completed questionnaire, a total of 1,460! A great way to give the collaboration a green edge.