Totally carbon-neutral

We are doing absolutely everything we can to reduce our CO2 emissions. We call that maximum reduction. As a large organization, we can really make a big difference. This is why we’re making our entire logistical process sustainable. Green sorting centers, electric delivery vans, and smart delivery routes: all these contribute to a better future.

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Putting emissions into perspective

In 2022, a parcel delivery by DHL produced on average around 340 g in CO2 emissions. In 2021, the amount was 10 g higher – our sustainability measures are therefore having an impact. To put this into context: your cup of coffee this morning produced a similar amount of carbon as a delivery by DHL. Thinking of buying a new pair of jeans – these produce ten times more emissions: a surprising 32 kg.

Green en route

Taking on our responsibilities is helping bring about real change. Our ultimate goal is zero CO2 emissions. To get there, we’re taking big but also smaller steps: Every little bit helps. That’s why we’re making every part of our logistical process sustainable: from the moment your order is registered with us to the point when our courier rings your doorbell. Would you like to know exactly which route your order took?

Take a look at the sustainable route your parcel took