DHL responsibility
Living responsibility

DHL is the leading and largest logistics company in the world. While we are incredibly proud of this, it also comes with great responsibility for our employees, society, and the environment. That is why these three themes form the cornerstones of our strategy.



As a parcel carrier, DHL Parcel is always on the move. This includes going to addresses far away as well as in the local area. Additionally, we are heading towards an even more important destination: by 2050 we want to have reduced our CO2 emissions from our logistical activities around the globe to zero. As 2050 is still far in the future, we're in the process of reducing our emissions by as much as possible. In the Netherlands, the remaining emissions will be set off via the GoGreen compensation program.



If there's a disaster anywhere in the world, our network which connects all can be a great help. The United Nations and other organizations really value our network and use it to provide emergency relief. With our logistics expertise and support, we give relief operations an extra boost. This is also the case in and around our own country: via the DHL Cares foundation, we support good causes and societal initiatives in the Benelux.



The best way to build a good future is by increasing opportunities for young people. DHL participates in various teaching programs across the world. Through the Teach For All network we try to give every child access to education, wherever they are. We're also supporting education in the Netherlands. For example, our lorry drivers teach about vehicle blind spots at schools in collaboration with 'Veilig Verkeer Nederland'.

Climate neutral shipping

To reduce our emissions to zero, we have taken a new step. As of 1 January 2021, DHL Parcel has launched the GoGreen compensation program. This is our way of offsetting the CO2 that we are currently emitting. We are doing this by investing in sustainable partners, projects, and initiatives.

The numbers by 2025

Emission free


of our own delivery vehicles in the last mile are electric.

DHL locations


of the new DHL locations, such as CityHubs and sorting centers, will be built sustainably.

DHL ServicePoint


of recipients choose the green delivery option of collecting at a DHL ServicePoint.

Green locations

The buildings we are currently constructing are being made environmentally friendly. This means that they are BREEAM certified. Zaltbommel is currently home to our largest and greenest parcel sorting center in the Benelux. It generates 2.5 million kWh of electricity per year, has zero gas connections, and makes use of geothermal. The sorting center is also fitted with 11,000 solar panels, has its own ecological garden spanning 4,000 m2, and collects rainwater. We are rapidly making other existing locations more sustainable.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Our goal is to ensure that all our deliveries to Dutch Consumers are emission free by 2025. To achieve that, we are making significant investments in our electric vehicle fleet. For example, we have StreetScooters that we produced making deliveries and we are investing in new Mercedes eVito's. Currently, DHL has 750 electric vehicles in use in the Netherlands. Per car in use, we save at least six tons of CO2 emissions each year. Additionally, all delivery cars we purchase are electric.

Zero emissions logistics

CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group

dr. Frank Appel

“From now until 2050, our mission will be to drive our business toward zero emissions logistics. We are setting the standard for the future of the transport sector and doing our part to help the world community reach its goal of limiting global warming to less than two degrees Celsius.”

Social partnerships
For a good cause

We can achieve more when we work together! That’s why we wholeheartedly support initiatives that are committed to achieving great things. By supporting civil-society organizations in all corners of the planet, we make the world a better place together.

DHL Cares, there for each other

Transporting packages is what we do best, but we are more than a logistics partner. Our GoHelp, GoTeach, and GoGreen cornerstones are our DHL Cares foundation's way of supporting good causes and societal initiatives in the Benelux with funds, advice, resources, and the efforts of our people. By combining our strengths with those of our customers and partners, we are helping society move forward.

Read more about DHL Cares

Trees for all

Each year, ten billion trees are cut down. This has a major impact on people, wildlife, and the climate. For this reason, DHL is creating a company forest. This will be close to home in Noord-Brabant and Limburg, but also far away in the Kibale National Park in Uganda and in het Bongo District in Ghana. We are doing this together with our partner Trees for All.

Certificate Trees for All 2021