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From bicycle courier to supervisor and from IT technician to driver: DHL has many different career options for you. As the number-one logistics service, we connect people across the world. We do this day in and day out through our 500,000 employees who are located all over the globe. Will you join our team at DHL Parcel Benelux? Then you’ll work together with 7,000 co-workers to ship parcels and pallets in the Netherlands for consumers and businesses. What's your specialty?

Our culture: bright yellow with a touch of red

Welcome to DHL: a global network of doers and go-getters. Our company was founded by three pioneers in logistics. And today, their trailblazing spirit is still alive and well. This can be seen in the way we work on tomorrow's shipments today and in the commitment of every employee at DHL. Join us, and we’ll discover, improve, and have a great deal of fun building the future together.

Couriers and drivers

As the final link in the international delivery process, you are the face of DHL. You deliver quality on every route and ensure that each shipment arrives quickly, safely, on time, and is delivered to the right recipient.

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Working in logistics

DHL is continuously innovating. It's our mission to make sending parcels easy by offering our clients groundbreaking solutions. This is why we’re constantly making our operational process better, faster, and more efficient. We're also committed to transitioning to zero-emissions transportation.

Logistics talent

DHL Corporate

If you want to help shape the strategy of a global brand, then a job in IT, sales, marketing, and finance is the way to go. With your knowledge, expertise, and can-do mentality, you will help solidify our position as the European market leader. The work is never static, so you have to like change. We help each other get ahead.

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Internships and graduation projects

DHL Parcel: A multinational with half a million employees with the mindset of a start-up. This is a challenging environment, but we provide excellent supervision. We also give you the space to experiment, innovate, and get things done. You can be sure that it will help you grow!

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Parcel professionals

If we want to stay the best, we have to look towards the future. With this mentality, we raise the bar at DHL a little higher every day. We do this by working with PeP experts: Post, e-commerce, and Parcel specialists. These are thinkers who take responsibility, are open to change, and always think in terms of solutions. These are people like you.

Statistics we’re proud of

DHL has been active in delivering the tiniest parcels and the tallest pallets for 220 years. In this time, we have grown to become the number-one logistics service provider in the world. These are our numbers for the Netherlands:

7,000 Colleagues

3,100 Vehicles

4000 DHL ServicePoints

80 Lockers added in 2018

98% Brand awareness DHL

8,9 Average rating

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If you’re interested in working at DHL, we look forward to hearing from you. Apply now and make a difference at our global brand. Before you know it, you’ll have 500,000 red and yellow co-workers.

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