DHL For You Vandaag

To cater to consumers who order their products late at night, we created DHL For You Today. Shipments that arrive at us before 13:30 in the afternoon will be delivered the same evening. Customers from all kinds of sectors are already using the service.  

A thousand bags of tie-wraps? No problem! 
One of those customers is RL Sales, a technical wholesaler for the entertainment, outdoor and artistic sectors. For example, they supply products to stage builders at festivals. A real niche. 'The service fits perfectly with the event sector,' says Ruud Lansman, director of RL Sales. 'People who are building a festival often need the ordered products quickly. If someone orders a thousand bags of tie-wraps from us, we don't want them to have to wait long for them. We think it's important that we deliver as quickly as possible.'

Fast delivery, happy customers 
'We pack the orders we receive in the evening in the morning and drop them off at the DHL sorting centre before 10.30 am. That is about twenty minutes of driving with our van for us. All in all, that takes an hour, but we are happy to pay for it. We see our customer satisfaction grow, and that is an achievement in a market that is quite spoiled! In the Netherlands we are so used to fast delivery times and low shipping costs, that the bar is really high. With a service like DHL For You Today, we can meet expectations.' 

Perfect for the impulsive buyers 
XXL Nutrition has also been using DHL For You Today for some time. 'We sell high-quality nutritional supplements to fanatical athletes between the ages of 18 and 35,' says Guus van Nunen. He is marketing manager at the company, and sees that DHL For You Today fits well with his sector. 'Our customers are young, and often impulsive. They only think about a new jar of supplements when the old one is empty. And then they want him right away. That's why DHL For You Today is a great idea: order quickly and delivered the same day. Our customer absolutely needs that.'

Find improvements together
"With good service, reliable delivery, a user-friendly portal and great brand awareness, DHL has everything we are looking for. Maybe the cut-off can be a little better, that is the time when the packages should be in Eindhoven. Half past eleven is just a bit too early for us, because usually we only see a peak in orders around half past twelve. We actually want to take that with us. We are now discussing this with our account manager at DHL. If we could also send the orders we receive at lunchtime, the service would be perfect.' 

Want to know more about this service? Want to know more about DHL For You Today? Please contact us.

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