Carefree delivery, in one go. This is how DHL helps you through busy times

E-commerce has been growing for years, with crowds now the biggest December tradition. Especially with the new corona measures, you don't need a crystal ball to introduce yourself this month. Exactly, an online 'order explosion'. No worries, enough time to prepare. We solve this peak pressure together: carrier and shipper or seller. Just, communicating well with each other. And with your customers, of course. Because if they are satisfied, they will come back!

The customer is critical, and rightly so

Service, speed and convenience. That is what consumers want, even when it comes to the delivery of parcels. Very understandable. Especially if you know that it is possible to have your online ordered items quickly and safely at home. Without having to lurk behind the curtains all day or the delivery person is already on the doorstep. People have something better to do, right? Result: what is possible, they also want that. So the more smart delivery options you offer through your webshop, the higher the customer satisfaction. Of course, you must be able to keep the corresponding promises. Because remember: customers do not remember which online purchases ended well. But when something goes wrong, they often remember every detail.

Give consumers control

DHL is committed to keeping your shipping reputation high, or even improving it. Our goal is therefore: to hit in one go. Order – confirm – deliver. The consumer has that process in his head. That's how it has to go, and everything that deviates from that experiences it as a problem. We eliminate this potential concern through constant innovation, smart delivery options and maximum flexibility. Only, we can't do that alone. We need you for that. There is a lot to be gained with crystal clear communication, and we are happy to help you with that. Among other things with these tips:

1. Put yourself in your customer's shoes

Sit down for a moment, turn the perspective around and crawl into your customer's brain via four W's. Why does he want what he orders when and where. Prefer it in the evening? We do. At the neighbors? Also possible. Only on Saturdays? No problem. A DHL ServicePoint nearby? We drive there anyway. In a safe place around the house, such as a shed or carport? Will be fine, is ready. There are all kinds of options that make your customer's life easier. Offer them in your checkout process and you'll make someone feel priceless: "This is going to be all right."

2. Let your customer travel with you

Nice to know that your package has been sent. Even better: seeing where it is now. That information is worth its weight in gold, but fortunately not literally. On the contrary, you really don't have to be an online giant to have packages tracked. Simply provide us with your customer's e-mail address, and we will send an update at each next step towards the front door or collection point. Free. Does your customer's agenda suddenly change? Doesn't matter. Until we ring the doorbell, he can easily switch between delivery options. Our driver receives a notification of this and immediately adjusts his route. Smart and sustainable!

3. Be clear and honest

Your customers only have to check their ideal delivery time and place, and can change this until the very end. If they now also read how long you think you will need, they really know everything they need to know. Temper certainly has too high expectations – especially in December. During the check-out, tell your customers how busy it is and what delivery time they should take into account.

You should have said so!

DHL sees every delivery as a triangular relationship. Between you, your customer and us. If it all runs smoothly, then a fling automatically becomes a thing. But as in any serious relationship, good communication is often the engine behind success. Conversely, a lack of it can lead to frustrations. And of course we want to prevent a break-up at all costs. Recognizable? Well, that's how it works here. The clearer and more complete we communicate together, with customers and each other, the greater the chance that it will be between us all at once. And stays!

More tips to prepare for the holidays? We have, and we are happy to share them with you!

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